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john smith 17th Aug, 2011 - 21:05
Lars Schütt 6th Aug, 2011 - 21:37
sandra humphrey 28th Jul, 2011 - 16:23
No response from this website. (See unreplied email). Automated blog but no-one home! If you want .ENG top level domain to happen, visit, either to... ...subscribe for Sunrise Interest Only of .ENG domains ... or Private Investor Share Purchase (win or lose bid, any remaining funds will be returned to Shareholders. Should generate £3 million a year instead of Nominet, which will issue a divident, but also be used to buy back shares (to become non-for-profit mutual). ... or to be candidate for DOT ENG Limited Management Board(s). xxx Sandy Neil's unreplied email, phone, letter... Dear DOT ENG ORG, I have sent a text message to John, re-iterating a need for progress on .ENG domain name (before it is kidnapped by a US company). I am serious in proposing £115K application fee fund-raising. I wish to have a project kick-off launch for PC Pro, Register etc around 22nd August (Battle of Bosworth re-enactment 20th & 21st August 2011). A lot of the bid process is putting together a structured technical proposal (I am a senior IT consultant). This needs to make credible progress, in order to attract private investors. I hope we can agree to actually do something, and John will take an active part in project committee, because .ENG will be already gone by the time you have got the UK government to do something (which they won't). The ICANN rules permit it, as England is not recognised as a country code (unbelievably!!!). If does not intend to apply for doteng, then there is no point in having this website, and I will seek transferral of domain as ICANN dispute. Please send me details of setting up a link. Regards, Neil Humphrey
Jon Simmonds 19th Jul, 2011 - 19:53
I agree with Anon Anon. The United Kingdom is no longer 'united' so therefore England should have it's independence as well as all the other countries in the UK. Good luck England! :)
Aaron Reichart-Ilett 18th Jul, 2011 - 20:59
Alex Shikhmuradov 13th Jul, 2011 - 06:55
Make it happen! .ENG!
Sax Russell 11th Jul, 2011 - 20:43
Anon Anon 25th Jun, 2011 - 15:57
F the union. The UK is no longer united, if so it should be one law for all, therefore if they want their own, TLD then we shall have ours.
Will Millinship 23rd Jun, 2011 - 17:33
Too bloody right.
Neil Humphrey 21st Jun, 2011 - 23:38
Dear DOT ENG.ORG, As well as being a signatory to your petition, I have been working on a legal route to unlock country codes at UN to include England. (Please email me for details as it is legally complex). I have noticed that United Domains is collecting .ENG domain names even though the application process to be TLD has not started. I have asked them (without response) if this is merely a front to raising capital (or at least figures to seek investors) to abduct our (English) national top level domain (to USA top level domain). In order to prevent this, I had to act quickly and have registered DOT ENG as a limited company. ICANN require prior work, which I have in both and domain registrations; along with your work. Without liability to yourselves, I will legally represent DOT ENG in the courts of the United States of America (where each side meets its own costs, and so there is minimal penalty for losing, unlike English courts). Whilst ICANN itself has mechanisms, ultimately these are sub-ordinate to US federal courts. The best thing at present is an injunction, for a level playing field, as United Domains assertion of an applicable DOT ENG company are false. (See our registration in England & Wales). As United Domains are based in the US, they should not be at liberty to dictate (lack of) rules for .ENG top level domain. The .US top level domain required residency or incorporation in the United States of America. We would be seeking similar requirements. Why should american domain name campers spoil our party? In order to achieve success in .ENG for England top level domain, at least £115K needs to be raised; although this may increase in any bid process. As a consequence, a very active (apolitical) campaign, early on, is necessary to achieve this goal (without falling victim to an ever increasing bidding war). Otherwise, non-English registrants will be able to mass plunder and park otherwise useful domains for our economy. From Google it is clear that DOT ENG . ORG is the the primarly website for such a campaign, and I am proposing an alliance to form a not-for-profit company; with immediate link to our project, and board positions for your elected members. It is all subject to a meeting of minds. Hence my open request to your respected petition (to which I am a signatory). However, that has not been ICANNed. This is the new frontier. I am thinking along the lines of seeking 11500 Frontier Shareholders to each pledge £10 now to our campaign, this will be totally refundable should we not win. Should we win the bid process, this will include a years domain name, with subsequent year for only the ICANN yearly fee (currently $2). This can be achieved through negotiating a 2 year support deal on the necessary server infrastructure. I have experience in this area, and have been negotiating with a number of English engineering companies and university departments, who have prime server locations. Regards, Neil Humphrey, Company Secretary of DOT ENG limited, (+44) (0)797 0163892

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